ŠIMON, L., KOLLÁROVÁ, V. & KOVÁČIKOVÁ, M., 2023: Neogene volcanics of the Burda mountain range nearby Štúrovo, Slovakia. Mineralia Slovaca, 55, 2, 117 – 132.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.56623/ms.2023.55.2.2

Abstract: The Neogene volcanic products of the Burda mountain range nearby Štúrovo belong to Burda Formation. At the base of the Burda Formation a succession of epiclastic volcanic rocks and pyroclastic rocks of andesites has developed. In the central part of the formation, the volcanic products associated with the activity of submarine volcanism of the Badenian age developed. Submarine extrusive volcanic domes of andesites are typical. In the upper part of the Burda Formation, pyroclastic and epiclastic facies of andesites were formed. Deposits of pyroclastic flows and redeposited pyroclastics are characterized by the presence of relics of petrified tree trunks, indicating transport from emergent forest-covered slopes from the higher levels of the volcanic edifice of the Börzsöny Mountains in todayʼs Hungary. This part of the Burda volcanics represents a transitional volcanic zone with the Börzsöny stratovolcano.
Key words: volcanics, pyroclastic rocks, epiclastic rocks, andesite extrusive dome, Burda Formation