Authors: Huynh Phu, Le Canh Tuan, Nguyen Ly Ngoc Thao & Huynh Thi Ngọc Han

Mineralia Slovaca, 54, 1, 71 – 82

Abstract: The Groundwater Quality of Tay Ninh province was studied applying monitoring of 24 wells from 2016 to 2019. Based on this research there were determined 8 sites with very bad water quality, mostly due to the low pH index, high iron and ammonium contents. The remaining 16 wells preserve very good water quality. To determine the relationship between Groundwater Quality and peat deposits, the authors studied the map of these deposits in Tay Ninh province and compared it with monitoring points. The results show source of pollution mainly related to peat deposits and human activity. Due to the sustainable development, Tay Ninh province needs planning and the reasonable exploitation of the groundwater in the next 30–50 years, as well as the water resources partition and their management in each district.

Key words: Groundwater, Groundwater protection, Groundwater Quality Index (GWQI), Tay Ninh Province