Authors: Valovičová, V., Dolinská, S., Vaculíková, L., Plevová, E., Znamenáčková, I. & Danková, Z.

Mineralia Slovaca, 54, 1, 19 – 30

Abstract: Detailed structural characterization of clay minerals contributes to a better understanding of their behavior and physico-chemical properties, making it possible to fully exploit their potential for polymer-clay nanocomposite preparation and their future industrial applications. The object of this study was to characterize fine-grained fractions of four montmorillonite samples and compare them with untreated montmorillonite. The gained results confirmed that fine montmorillonite fractions would be more appropriate precursors for successive preparing of composite materials with sorption property enhancement, useable for environmental remediation.

Key words: montmorillonite, source clays activation, characterization