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Obsah – Content
Hay, W. W. & Wold, Ch. N.
The effect of changes of the mean salinity on ocean circulation
Key words: Cretaceous, palaeoceanology, salinity
Kouwenberg, L. L. R., Leereveld, H. & Galeotti, S.
Climatic and oceanographic changes reflected in the palynological record of orbitally induced Late Albian black shale rhythms from Central Italy
Key words: Albian, paleoceanography, paleoclimatology, orbital cycles, Appenines, central Italy
Weissert, H., Funk, H. P., Wortmann, U., Kuhn, O., Menegatti, A. & Hennig, S.
A transect through the Aptian western Tethys Ocean: Palaeoceanography and Palaeoclimate
Key words: Aptian, palaeoceanography, palaeoclimate, greenhouse model, Mediterranean Tethys
Bąk, K. & Oszcypko, N.
Lower/Middle Campanian paleoceanographic event – its record in the Magura Unit (Polish Flysch Carpathians)
Key words: Late Cretaceous, paleoceanography, flysch sedimentology, anoxy, Western Carpathians, Poland
Baraboshkin, E. J.
The Tethyan/Boreal Problem as the result of paleobiogeographical changes: Early Cretaceous examples from the Russian Platform
Key words: Cretaceous, paleobiogeography, interregional correlation, East European, Platform, Russia
Bubík, M.
Sedimentary and fossil record of ?Albian – Cenomanian estuary near Blansko and its comparison with transgressive Cenomanian sediments in central Bohemia (Czech Republic)
Key words: Cenomanian, agglutinated foraminifera, thecamoebians, estuary, north Tethys, Tethyan-Boreal seaway, Bohemian Basin, Czech Republic
Gasiński, A. M.
Late Cretaceous Boreal foraminiferal migrants to the Carpathians: an example from the Andrychów Klippen Zone
Key words: Late Cretaceous, Foraminifera, faunal migration, paleobiogeography, Western Carpathians, Poland
Vašíček, Z. & Michalík, J.
Possible Boreal faunal immigration of the Lower Cretaceous ammonites into Outer Western Carpathians related to the global sea level changes
Key words: Lower Cretaceous, palaeobiogeography, ammonites, Western Carpathians, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic
Zakharov, V. A. & Bogomolov, Y. I.
The Boreal equivalents of the Berriasian and Valanginian stages
Key words: Berriasian, Valanginian, ammonite zonation, stratigraphy, interregional correlation, Boreal, Siberia
Árgyelán, G. B.
Ophiolitic detritus in the Lower Cretaceous sandstone of Gerecse Mountains, Hungary: petrography, detrital modes, provenance
Key words: : Lower Cretaceous, volcanics, petrography, spinel geochemistry, paleogeography, Hungary
Bąk, K.
Deep-water Upper Cretaceous variegated facies in the Czorsztyn Succession, Pieniny Klippen Belt, Western Carpathians
Key words: : Late Cretaceous, couches rouges facies, Foraminifera, Western Carpathians, Poland
Császár, G.
Sedimentary environments of the Urgonian formations of Hungary
Key words: : Cretaceous, sedimentology, environments, Urgonian facies, Hungary
Ferré, B., Cros, P. & Fourcade, É.
Tethyan Mid-Cretaceous (Cenomanian-Turonian) Roveacrinids (Roveacrinida, Crinoidea) as stratigraphical and paleobiogeographical tools
Key words: : Cenomanian, Turonian, Roveacrinida, Roveacrinidae, Stratigraphy, Palaeogeography, Tethys
Gabdullin, R. R.
The origin of thythmical bedding in Middle Cenomanian carbonate rocks in the Bakhchisarai Region (SW Crimea)
Key words: : Cenomanian, sedimentology, orbital cycles, Crimean Peninsula
Gnylko, O.
The sedimentary environment and genetic types of the Lower Cretaceous deposits in the Ukrainian Carpathians
Key words: : Lower Cretaceous, sedimentary environment, lithology, Ukrainian Carpathians
Sawlowicz, Z. & Bąk, M.
Pyritization of Radiolaria in anoxic water column, anoxic deposits of the Cenomanian/Turonian Boundary in the Pieniny Klippen Belt, Poland
Key words: : Cenomanian, Turonian, Radiolaria, anoxy, diagenesis, Western Carpathian, Poland
Serjani, A. & Pirdeni, A.
Sedimentary paleoenvironment of Coniacian phosphatic beds in the Ionian Basin (Mediterranean Tethys)
Key words: : Coniacian, sedimentology, stratigraphy, Ionian Basin, Albania, Greece
Boorová, D. & Rakús, M.
Lower Albian limestones from frontal parts of the Krížna Nappe in the Strážovské vrchy Mts. (Western Carpathians, Slovakia)
Key words: : Albian, channel fillings, lithology, biostratigraphy, microfacies, Krížna nappe, Western Carpathians
Kraja, S. & Kici, V.
New stratigraphic refinements of the Cretaceous stratigraphy of the Eastern Albania (Mirdita and Krasta Zone) through the calcareous nannofossils
Key words: : Jurassic, Cretaceous, biostratigraphy, nannoplankton, Dinarides, Albania
Carmen, M. M.
Cretaceous correlations between Tethyan and Boreal Realms from Romania, based on Nannoflora
Key words: : Cretaceous, nannoplankton, palaeobiogeography, Romania
Sartorio, D., Tunis, G. & Venturini, S.
Cretaceous evolution of the Northeastern margin of the Friuli Platform (NE Italy)
Key words: : Cretaceous, sedimentology, biostratigraphy, Friuli Platform, Julian Prealps, Italy
Wilpshaar, M., Abbasov, A. B., Aliev, G. A., Alizade, Ak. A., Eshet, Y., Gadijeva, T. M., Hakhverdijev, N. T., Schnabel, G. W., Tagiyev, M. F. Zeyniyev, O. A.
Early Cretaceous deposits of the Great Caucasus (Azerbaijan): An overview
Bąk, M. & Bąk, K.
Correlation of Cretaceous radiolarian, planktonic and agglutinated Foraminifera zonations in the Pieniny Klippen Belt, Western Carpathians, Poland
Key words: : Late Cretaceous, integrated biostratigraphy, Radiolaria, Foraminifera, Western Carpathian, Poland
Bubík, M., Bąk, M. & Švábenická, L.
Integrated microbiostratigraphy in the Maastrichtian to Paleocene distal-flysch sediments of the Uzgruň section (Rača unit, Carpathian flysch, Czech Republic)
Key words: Maastrichtian, Paleocene, integrated microbiostratigraphy, sedimentology, Outer Western Carpathians, Czech Republic
Ion, J., Antonescu, E., Melinte, M. C. & Szasz, L.
Upper Cretaceous integrated biostratigraphy from Romania
Key words: Late Cretaceous, integrated stratigraphy, ammonites, inoceramids, foraminifers, palynomorphs, nannoplankton, Carpathians, Dobrogea, Romania
Ivanov, M. & Stoykova, K.
The Albian ammonites, nannofossils and sequence stratigraphy in Bulgaria
Key words: Albian, integrated, stratigraphy, ammonites, nannoplankton, sequence stratigraphy, Bulgaria
Václav, H.
Magnetostratigraphic and calpionellid biostratigraphic scales correlation in the Jurassic/Cretaceous boundary strata
Key words: Tithonian, Berriasian, magnetostratigraphy, microbiostratigraphy, Western Carpathians, Slovakia
Blau, J. & Grün, B.
Late Jurassic/Early Cretaceous revised calpionellid zonal and subzonal division and correlation with ammonite and absolute time scales
Key words: Jurassic, Cretaceous, Biochronology, Calpionellid Zones, Calpionellid Subzones
Lakova, I., Stoykova, K. & Ivanova, D.
Tithonian to Valanginian bioevents and integrated zonation on calpionellids, calcareous nannofossils and calcareous dinocysts from the Western Balcanides, Bulgaria
Key words: Tithonian, Berriasian, Valanginian, integrated stratigraphy, calcareous microplankton, Balcanides, Bulgaria
Pop, G.
Tithonian to Hauterivian praecalpionellids and calpionellids: bioevents and biozones
Key words: Tithonian, Berriasian, Valanginian, Hauterivian, calpionellids, taxonomy, biozonation, bioevents, Mediterranean Tethys
Reháková, D. & Michalík, J.
Calpionellid associations versus Late Jurassic and Early Cretaceous sea – level fluctuations
Key words: Tithonian, Early Cretaceous, microbiostratigraphy, sequence stratigraphy, Western Carpathians, Slovakia
Hoedemaeker, P. J., Houša, V., Krs, M., Man, O., Parés, J. M., Pruner, P. & Venhodová, D.
Magnetostratigraphic and petromagnetic studies of the Jurassic/Cretaceous limestones from the Río Argos (Caravaca, SE Spain), Carcabuey (S Spain) and the Bosso Valley (Umbria, central Italy)
Key words: Tithonian, Early Cretaceous, magnetostratigraphy, integrated stratigraphy, Spain, Italy
Gallemi, J., Kuechler, T., Lamolda, M., Lopez, G., Martinez, R., Munoz, J., Pons, J. M. & Soler, M.
The Coniacian-Santonian boundary in Northern Spain: the Olazagutia section
Key words: Coniacian, Santonian, stage boundary, biostratigraphy, Spain
Houša, V., Krs, M., Krsová, M., Man, O., Pruner, P. & Venhodová, D.
High-resolution magnetostratigraphy across the Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary strata at Brodno near Žilina, Western Carpathians, Western Slovakia
Key words: Tithonian, Berriasian, magnetostratigraphy, microbiostratigraphy, Western Carpathians, Slovakia
Lintnerová, O., Michalík, J., Reháková, D., Peterčáková, M., Halásová, E. & Hladíková, J.
Sedimentary and isotopic record of the Aptian anoxic “Selli” event in the Pieniny Klippen Belt, Slovakia
Key words: Aptian, lithology, anoxy, C isotopes, bioevents, stratigraphy, Western Carpathians, Slovakia
Guzhikov, A. Y. & Baraboshkin, E. Y.
Long-period variations of palaeomagnetic declination in the Barremian beds from the Northern Caucasus and their importance for detailed correlations
Key words: Barremian, magnetostratigraphy, Northern Caucasus, Daghestan
Guzhikov, A. Y. & Molostovsky, E. A.
Some features of the Early Cretaceous sedimentation in the Cis-Caucasia reflected in the rock magnetic properties
Key words: Early Cretaceous, lithology, magnetic susceptibility, North Caucasus
Fomin, V. A. & Eremin, V. N.
Comparison of the Maastrichtian biostratigraphic scales from Daghestan and Kopet-Dagh sections with the paleomagnetic data
Key words: Maastrichtian, magnetostratigraphy, integrated biostratigraphy, Northern Caucasus, Kopet-Dagh
Krs, M. & Pruner, P.
Petromagnetic and palaeomagnetic investigations of Jurassic-Cretaceous limestones aimed at magnetostratigraphy in the Mediterranean area
Key words: Tithonian, Early Cretaceous, magnetostratigraphy, magnetic susceptibility, Spain, Italy, Bohemia, Slovakia
Bąk, M.
Mid – Cretaceous radiolarian zonation in the Polish part of the Pieniny Klippen Belt (Outer Western Carpathians)
Key words: Middle Cretaceous, Radiolaria, biozonation, biostratigraphy, Western Carpathians, Poland
Beniamovskii, V. N. & Kopaevich, L. F.
Late Santonian – Maastrichtian benthic foraminiferal zonation in the European palaeobiogeographical area (EPA)
Key words: Late Cretaceous, biostratigraphy, paleobiogeography, benthic Foraminifera, Europe
Bodrogi, I., Yazykova, E. A. & Fogarasi, A.
Revision of Upper Cretaceous ammonite fauna from the Bakony Mts. (Hungary)
Key words: Upper Cretaceous, biostratigraphy, ammonite zonation, Bakony Mts., Hungary
Hoedemaeker, P. J.
Correlating the uncorrelatables
Key words: Lower Cretaceous, integrated stratigraphy, interregional correlation, Western Europe
Ponomaryova, L. & Gnylko, O.
Foraminifera and sedimentary paleoenvironment of the Lower Cretaceous black shales (Ukrainian Carpathians)
Key words: Lower Cretaceous, Foraminifera, lithology, sedimentary environment, Ukrainian Carpathian
Salaj, J.
Turonian planktonic Foraminifera biozonation – the problems of taxonomy and synonymy of index species
Key words: Foraminifera, taxonomy, biozonation, Mediterranean Tethys
Ferré, B.
“Lombardia” – facies and saccocomid-like sections in Cretaceous sediments: Whose pieces?
Key words: Echinodermata, Crinoidea, Roveacrinida, Roveacrinidae, Saccocomidae, Saccocoma, Lombardia, Microcalamoides, Microfacies
Ferre, B. & Granier, B.
Roveacrinus berthoui, nov. sp., the earliest representative of the family Roveacrinidae (Roveacrinida, Crinoidea) in the lower Hauterivian of Busot (Alicante, Spain)
Key words: Lower Cretaceous, Hauterivian, Echinodermata, Crinoidea, Roveacrinida, Roveacrinidae, Spain, Tethys Ocean
Daniéle, G.
Specific designation(s) of asymmetrical Upper Cretaceous rhynchonellids, formely considered as “Rhynchonella difformis”
Key words: Late Cretaceous, Brachiopoda, Taxonomy, Western Europe
Krobicki, M.
Stratigraphic ranges and palaeoenvironments of the lowermost Cretaceous brachiopods in the Pieniny Klippen Belt (Carpathians, Poland)
Key words: Early Cretaceous, brachiopods, biostratigraphy, life environment, Western Carpathians, Poland
Minev, V.
Turonian ammonites from the eastern parts of the Moesian Platform and Fore – Balkan
Key words: Turonian, ammonites, biostratigraphy, Moesia, Bulgaria
Soták, J. & Mišík, M.
Late Jurassic and Early Cretaceous algal and foraminiferal benthic communities and biofacies from the Western Carpathians
Key words: Tithonian, Early Cretaceous, benthic Foraminifera, algae, biofacies, Western Carpathians, Slovakia
Hradecká, L.
Microbiostratigraphy of the Jizera and Teplice Formations (Late Turonian, Boreal development) in the Upohlavy quarry, Bohemian Cretaceous Basin
Key words: Late Turonian, foraminifera, microbiostratigraphy, Bohemian Cretaceous Basin
Ožvoldová, L.
Lower Turonian radiolarian associations from the silicified sediments of the Czorsztyn Succession of the Pieniny Klippen Belt (Western Carpathians), Slovakia
Key words: Turonian, Radiolaria, biostratigraphy, Western Carpathians, Slovakia
Švábenická, L.
Evidence of the Braarudosphaera-rich Turonian sediments in the Bohemian Cretaceous Basin
Key words: Turonian, nannoplankton, biostratigraphy, life environment, Bohemian Basin, Czech Republic
Szydlo, A. & Jugowiec, M.
Tithonian to Valanginian microfossils from the “Cieszyn Beds” in the Outer Western Carpathians (Silesian Unit), Poland
Key words: Tithonian, Berriasian, Valanginian, Foraminifera, calcareous nannoplankton, microbiostratigraphy, Western Carpathians, Poland
Gęndl, E.
Preliminary results of the palynological research of the Lower Cretaceous deposits of the Skole Nappe (Outer Western Carpathians, Poland)
Key words: Lower Cretaceous, Palynology, Western Carpathians, Poland
Pavlishina, P.
Palynology of several Santonian – Campanian sections of North Bulgaria
Key words: Santonian, Campanian, palynology, microbiostratigraphy, Bulgaria
Skupien, P.
Berriasian to Albian dinocysts from the Silesian Unit in the Outer Western Carpathians (Czech Republic)
Key words: Early Cretaceous, dinoflagellates, biostratigraphy, Western Carpathians, Czech Republic

Informačný spravodajca pre geológiu, baníctvo, úpravníctvo a životné prostredie
Reporter about geology, mining, mineral processing and environment
Priloha casopisu / Appendix of the journal Mineralia Slovaca

Obsah – Content
Reichwalder, P.
Storočnica narodenia akademika Dimitrija Andrusova
Reichwalder, P. & Elečko, M.
Slovenská geologická spoločnosť – jej súčasná činnosť a výhľady do budúcnosti
Vozár, J.
Prínos regionálneho geologického výskumu do geologického poznania
Lanc, J.
Súčasné geofyzikálne aktivity na Slovensku
Chovan, M.
Mineralogické, geochemické a petrologické výskumy na Slovensku v rokoch 1995 – 1997
Bujalka, P. & Hanzel, V.
Slovenská hydrogeológia po zjazde SGS
Holzer, R., Ondrášik, R., Hrašna, M. & Iglárová, Ľ.
Vplyv vývojových trendov inžinierskej geológie na činnosť odbornej skupiny SGS
Michalík, J.
Činnosť paleontologickej odbornej skupiny SGS
Ostrolucký, P.
Činnosť odbornej skupiny ropnej geológie SGS od septembra 1995
Kováč, M., Michalík, J. & Vozárová, A.
Sedimentologická skupina SGS – hlavné smery výskumu
Plašienka, D.
Hlavné smery a výsledky činnosti odbornej skupiny štruktúrnej geológie za posledné roky
Šimon, L. & Konečný, V.
Vulkanologická odborná skupina SGS – výsledky vulkanologického výskumu za posledné roky
Zlinská, A., Halásová, E. & Antolíková, S.
Korelácia foraminiferových a nanoplanktónových asociácií z bádenských sedimentov vrtu VTB-1 (Bruty, JV časť Podunajskej panvy)
Kováč, M.
Zjazd SGS
Geológia a uhľovodíkový potenciál slovenskej časti viedenskej panvy
Némethy, P.
Inžinierskogeologické a hydrogeologické pomery širšieho okolia Bratislavy – potenciál geotermálnej energie a jeho využívanie
Varga, L.
Vodné dielo na Dunaji – genéza prieskumu a výstavby
Fendek, M. & Halás, O.
Geotermálna energia centrálnej depresie podunajskej panvy – lokalita Galanta
Reichwalder, P.
Správa o činnosti Slovenskej geologickej spoločnosti
Repčok, I.
Za RNDr. Ing. Jánom Kantorom, CSc.
Samuel, O.
Pozdrav k 75. narodeninám člena korešpondenta SAV Ota Fusána
Ďurža, O. & Veselský, J.
Doc. RNDr. Miloslav Khun, CSc., päťdesiatročný
Spišiak, J., Soták, J., Magyar, J., Pitoňák, P. & Rudinec, R.
Ultrabázické horniny z podložia východného Slovenska