BEKÉNYIOVÁ, A., DANKOVÁ, Z., ČECHOVSKÁ, K., FEDOROVÁ, E., NOVÁKOVÁ, J., BRIANČIN, J.,VIZI, L. & KÚŠIK, D., 2023: Characterization of ochre precipitate loaded with arsenic from mine water and study of its stability by using of leaching tests and sequential extraction analysis. Mineralia Slovaca, 55, 2, 143 – 156.


Abstract: This study is focused on the mobility of potential toxic elements release from the ochre precipitate sample after the leaching by using selected methods. The sequential extraction method was performed to characterize the stability of the sample after the leaching tests. The TCLP regulatory limit for arsenic of 5 mg/L in the ochre precipitate was not exceeded, thus meet the legislative regulations. The highest concentrations of As were achieved in the residual fraction (5) even after leaching tests. The lowest concentration values of As were found in the mobile fractions: water-soluble fraction (1) and ion-exchangeable and carbonate fraction (2). These results indicate the low mobility of arsenic and the tight bonding between As and Fe in formed ochre precipitates.
Key words: ochre precipitate, arsenic, leaching test, sequential extraction analysis