Map applications

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Geological Maps

Geological maps and text explanatory notes represent the content and expertly extensive works of monograph nature; they are intended to serve professional and the lay public.
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Geophysical Maps

Applied geophysics studies a variety of physical (both natural and artificial) fields of the Earth from the air, at the surface, at water surface and in underground; these fields are important in addressing regional and detailed geological practice tasks.
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Educational Geology

Currently, the knowledge and experience of geologists significantly assist in the protection of the environment. The contribution of the geologic community is influencing awareness of human society by way of preparation.
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In the year 1990, Dionýz Štúr Institute of Geology together with other geological and natural sciences oriented institutions, submitted the project Research of the Geological Factors of the Environment.
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Thematic Applications

Detailed information on the contents of chemical elements (a pollution status) in the geological environment (environmental indicators) and on indicators of the health status of the population (health indicators).
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Geofond Registries

Geofond registries represent a complex of spatial information about the geological exploration of the SR territory, which are processed and kept on the basis of Act No. 569/2007 Coll., on Geological Works (Geological Act) and Act No. 44/1988
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2D/3D Map Portal

Pursuant to Act no. 3/2010 Coll. the Geoportal is an Internet portal that provides access to spatial data or spatial data services through network services.

The SGIDŠ Geoportal allows to:

  • locate by geographic names
  • add layers from prepared datasets
  • add WMS services
  • create, share and print map compositions
  • visualize layers in 2D or 3D view
  • select the underlying map
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