Exploration Areas (EA) is legislatively described in § 21  of Act no. 569/2007 Coll. on geological works (geological law) as a space defined on the surface by a closed geometric figure with straight sides without free surfaces, bounded below the surface by vertical planes with passing sides, in which selected geological works (repository geological survey and hydrogeological survey) can be carried out. Pursuant to § 23 paragraph 4) letter e), the opinion of the State Geological Institute of Dionýz Štúr, no older than 3 months, is attached to the proposal for granting the exploration area.

The opinion verifies whether the proposed EA does not encroach on the designated SA, whether there is another proposal for determining the SA, coordinates, area, cadastre, region and deposits of mineral resources in this area.

The application is accessible to every applicant.

In order to notify the draft of the SA using the application, it is necessary to select the territory of the new SA and enter an e-mail address to which the proposal will be sent by email in a pdf file with a drawing of the SA, coordinates of breaking points, percentages of cadastral territories, the total area of the SA and a download link. for shp” file of the designed territory.