In 2007, the INSPIRE Directive – INfrastructure for SPAtial InfoRmation in Europe came into force, which is an initiative of the European Commission with the aim of creating a European legislative framework necessary for building a European spatial information infrastructure. It establishes general rules for the construction of this infrastructure, primarily to support environmental policies with an impact on the environment.
The main goal is to ensure the availability of relevant spatial information at the level of all member states using uniform services, primarily search, display, transformation and storage.
SGIDŠ ensures the provision of data using all services defined by the legislation:
1. Search and display services: Information about data and services and their display options are listed in the table below, or in the metadata records of the RPI Spatial Data Register. At the same time, the RPI information system provides the National Search Service for the Slovak Republic, through which it makes available metadata about georesources for the INSPIRE Geoportal of the European Commission, which makes georesources available in a standardized way for all countries of the European Union, including EFTA countries. RPI search and map client.
2. Transformation and storage services: Instead of an application- and time-consuming transformation service that enables the conversion of spatial information files between different coordinate systems, you have the option of directly selecting the appropriate coordinate system from the table below.
At the same time, you can download from it in a very simple way, in most cases, complete sets of the required data, or in the case of extensive and continuously updated data, parts of them in the scope of 1 map sheet in M 1:50 000 in the form of *.shp in accordance with the license terms on the method of their use.