Engineering geological survey of slope deformations – Ist stage

Engineering geological survey of slope deformations at 13 socio-economically important landslide sites: Babín, Liptovská Štiavnica, Mojšova Lúčka, Lodno, Brehy – Močarina, Lipovany 2, Orovnica, Krivany, Matysová, Bajerovce 1, Rožkovany, Vyškovce, Bardejov – Postajok, Gróner. Principal investigator: E. Mašlár Completion date of the task / project: 31.1.2019 Form of output: Final report of the geological task

Identification, inventory and engineering geological mapping of slope deformations

Improve the prevention of landslide risk by defining the landslide hazard in the geological environment created by the rocks, which are among the most susceptible to sliding within the Slovak Republic. This territory of interest (3195 km2) includes the area of the mountain ranges of Biele Karpaty and Javorníky, built by flysch rocks and parts…

Partial monitoring system – Geological factors

It is focused on monitoring of harmful natural or man-induced geological processes, the results of monitoring provide information on the adoption of measures to prevent emergencies from occurring in a timely manner. The information system represents a part of the partial monitoring system. Principal investigator: P. Liščák Completion date of the task / project: 31.12.2018 Form of…

Geological Information System – GeoIS II

Building a comprehensive information system in geology – ensuring the collection, preservation and provision of geological information at the level of the current technical possibilities of creating databases, GIS and its accessibility via Internet. Principal investigator: Š. Káčer Completion date of the task / project: 31.12.2018 Form of output: Final Report of geological task

Monitoring of chemical status and assessment of the groundwater quality in the Slovak Republic

The groundwater quality monitoring is focused on obtaining sufficient data to assess the chemical status of groundwater bodies. It is based on the Water Monitoring Program, which is the basic document for the design and implementation of the water monitoring in the Slovak Republic in accordance with the requirements of Directive 2000/60 of the European…