Department: Department of Special Laboratories
Section: Division of Geology
Workplace: Seat of SGIDŠ – Bratislava
Phone: 02/59375382

After finishing study of geology in Bratislava at Faculty of Natural Sciences Comenius University he was accepted to the Geological Institute of Dionyz Štúr in Bratislava to the Electron Microprobe Laboratory, where he persisted up today. Here he improves existing analytical procedures, develops new analytical strategies and also enhances rock geochronology based on the monazite and uraninite dating. He cooperates on the research geological projects where he specializes on the petrology, geothermobarometry and geochemistry of young volcanic or subvolcanic rocks.


Curriculum vitae

  • 1979 – 1983: secondary education finished by graduation exam
  • 1983 – 1988: high school study study at Faculty of Natural Sciences Comenius University in specialization to ore geology
  • 1990: finished study with degree Doctor of the natural sciences (RNDr.)
  • 1990 – 2002: doctoral study at Faculty of Natural Sciences Comenius University in Bratislava (PhD.)
  • from 1988 employed in the State Geological Institute of Dionyz Štúr
  • from 2016 head of the Department of Special Laboratories

Current projects

  • 17 13: Research of geological structure and compilation of geological maps in the problematic territories of the Slovak Republic – a coauthor, theme: Time-space model of geological structure and alkali basalt volcanism evolution from Pliocene to present in the Lučenská kotlina valley and Cerová vrchovina highlands

Research focus

  • petrology and geochemistry of volcanic rocks (andesites, basalts, rhyolites), magmatic rocks (granodiorites, diorites)
  • electron microanalysis (JEOL JCXA-733, CAMECA SX 100)
  • geochronological dating using microprobe (monazite, uraninite)


  • of Special Laboratories management
  • scientific research in petrology and geochemistry
  • analytical methods development in the Electron Microprobe Laboratory


5 most essential works

Konečný, P., Kusiak, M.A., Dunkley, D.J. 2018: Improving U-Th-Pb electron microprobe dating using monazite age references. Chemical Geology, 484, 22-35.

Kusiak, M.A., Dunkley, D.J., Whitehouse, M.J., Wilde, S.A., Sałacińska, A., Konečný, P., Szopa, K. Gawęda, A., Chew, D., 2018: Peak to post-peak thermal history of the Saglek Block of Labrador: A multiphase and multi-instrumental approach to geochronology. Chemical Geology, 484, 210-223.

Petrík, I., Janák, M., Froitzheim, N., Georgiev, N., Yoshida, K., Sasinková, V., Konečný, P., Milovská, S. 2016: Triassic to Early Jurassic (c. 200 Ma) UHP metamorphism in the Central Rhodopes: evidence from U–Pb–Th dating of monazite in diamond‐bearing gneiss from Chepelare (Bulgaria). Journal of Metamorphic Geology, 34, 265-291.

Budzyń, B., Sláma, J., Kozub-Budzyń G.A., Konečný, P., Holický, I., Rzepa, G., Jastrzębski, M. 2018 Constraints on the timing of multiple thermal events and re-equilibration recorded by high-U zircon and xenotime: Case study of pegmatite from Piława Górna (Góry Sowie Block, SW Poland), Lithos, in press (accepted manuscipt).

Ondrejka, M., Putiš, M., Uher, P., Schmiedt, I., Pukančík, L., Konečný, P. 2016: Fluid-driven destabilization of REE-bearing accessory minerals in the granitic orthogneisses of North Veporic basement (Western Carpathians, Slovakia). Mineralogy and Petrology, 110, 561-580.

Konecny P., Siman, P., Holicky I., Janak M. & Kollarova, V. 2004: method of monazite dating using electron microprobe. Mineralia Slovaca, 36, 225-235, in Slovak, English abstract.