In the days of 12th April – 13th April 2018 the General Director of State Geological Institute of Dionyz Stur (SGIDS) Branislav Žec and Dušan Wunder from the Foreign Relation Department attended in Vienna the 44th General Meeting (GM) of Director and representatives of National Geological Surveys (NGS) associated in EuroGeoSurveys (EGS) and the 4th General Assembly of the GeoERA programme as well as the workshop of European NGS’ Directors.

President EGS Teresa Ponce de Leao conducted the session and together with EGS Secretary General Slavko Šolar they came up to particular issues, discussion on EGS strategy, complement of the Executive Committee e.g..

Branislav Že, SGIDS General Director invited the directors and representatives of the NGS to the autumn 45th EGS GM in Bratislava 15th – 19th October 2018 using the inviting presentation and movie.

The workshop of NGS directors was focused on the effectiveness of the EGS expert groups and the majority of the chairs were invited.

After the workshop followed the 4th General Assembly of the GeoERA programme stressing the evaluation procedure and selection of the 17  submitted project proposals, which all passed the evaluation threshold. Only 14 projects were awarded and the 15th one was approved with the subsidiary support of the European Commission for all four Specific Research Themes (Ground Water, GeoEnergy, Raw Materials and Information Platform). SGIDS has been involved in 4 awarded project consortia.