Health indicators

The list of 30 selected health indicators with the most significant relationship with the environment (average value for 10-year period – 1994-2003)


Enviromental indicators

Environmental indicators – Soils and Groundwater


Monitoring report 2015

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“Naši vedci prezradili, ktorá časť Slovenska je ideálna na život”

this article is only in Slovak…



The population of the Slovak Republic living in the silicate geological environment (granites, crystalline schists, volcanics) have significantly worse health status (increased mortality for selected diseases) and shorter life expectancy due to deficit contents of calcium and magnesium in geological environment, mainly in the drinking groundwater. Probably similar is the situation also in other countries of the EU. We find necessary to inform people living in such unfavourable geological environment about this fact so they are able to realize easy measures (additional supply of Ca and Mg from other sources) to prevent these risks.



Informative meetings, Spring 2016

During Spring 2016 we are going to organize informative meetings at occasion of the end of the project Geohealth.

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Environmental Geochemistry and Health 2016

Paper title: “Chemical composition of groundwater/drinking water and oncological disease mortality in Slovak Republic”

paper was published in the international scientific magazine in online version


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