Project results

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D.6 Realization of activity (.pdf) 116.21kB 12
D.6 Installation of information boards (.pdf) 1.07MB 11
D.2 KrasCave Leaflet - Water under our feet (.pdf) 1.67MB 58
D.2 KrasCave Brochure A5 - Slovak (.pdf) 14.16MB 43
D.2 KrasCave Brochure A5 - English (.pdf) 14.16MB 34
D.1 Realization of activity (.pdf) 429.69kB 11
D.1 Promotional items - graphical design (.pdf) 331.05kB 13
D.1 Meeting with residents and visitors at the Gastro-fest 2017 (.pdf) 2.31MB 10
D.1 Information Leaflet - DL size (.pdf) 3.46MB 423
D.1 Communication activities - 2014 (.pdf) 153.32kB 11
D.1 Bilingual information leaflet (.pdf) 2.38MB 12
C.4 Realization of activity (.pdf) 370.12kB 12
C.4 Monitoring socio-economic indicators (.pdf) 364.26kB 13
C.3 Realization of activity (.pdf) 388.67kB 11
C.3 Questionnaires: I., II., III. round and online questionnaire (.pdf) 633.79kB 13
C.3 Evaluation of questionnaires: I., II., III. round and online questionnaire (.pdf) 1.59MB 12
B.4 Rules of improvement the status suitable for the protection of natural interaction (.pdf) 1.04MB 13
B.4 Realization of activity (.pdf) 389.65kB 15
B.4 Illegal waste dump - proposal to remove (.pdf) 501.95kB 11
B.4 Illegal waste dump - monitoring the current state (.pdf) 1.88MB 14
B.4 Discussion with the mayor of Krásnohorská Dlhá Lúka village (.pdf) 436.52kB 11
B.4 C.3 Field trips - monitoring of the state of the environment (.pdf) 2.12MB 14
B.3 Sensitive hot spot areas drafted on GIS maps (.pdf) 845.70kB 42
B.1 Quantity model: Rainfall-runoff model (.pdf) 1.65MB 42
B.1 Quality model: Hydrogeochemical modeling (.pdf) 1.58MB 42
A.7 Realization of activity (.pdf) 376.95kB 14
A.7 Introductory meeting with local residents of the Krásnohorská Dlhá Lúka (.pdf) 233.40kB 19
A.6 Prototype installation permissions (.pdf) 10.32MB 46
A.5 Technical drawings of prototype (.pdf) 11.19MB 96
A.4 Final report of the underground water system (.pdf) 2.85MB 55
A.3 Water Sampling Protocols (.pdf) 30.03MB 40
A.2 Hydrogeochemical conditions - 8 maps of the water quality (.pdf) 30.75MB 49
A.1 GIS maps (3x) in scale 1:5000 (.zip) 41.80MB 43
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