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thumb.php?src=e_MEDIA_IMAGE%2F2015-04%2Fdocument.png&w=100&h=0 PROMOTION & DISSEMINATION
  Project presentation
Project presentation at conferences, workshops, seminars and meetings
7 46.80MB 1670
Journal articles, Newspaper articles presenting the results of the project
5 39.61MB 772
  Press releases
Press releases about project activities
3 4.16MB 328
  Information boards, Leaflets and Brochures
Information Boards, Leaflets & Brochures
8 61.99MB 1356
  Meetings, Events, Seminars
Meetings & Events organised by the project partners
1 416.99kB 213
thumb.php?src=e_MEDIA_IMAGE%2F2015-04%2Fdocument.png&w=100&h=0 NETWORKING
  Cooperation Agreements
Agreements for exchange of experiences with other LIFE projects
5 2.45MB 1052
thumb.php?src=e_MEDIA_IMAGE%2F2015-04%2Fdocument.png&w=100&h=0 STEERING COMMITEE
  Steeting Commitee meetings
Steeting Commitee meeting Agendas, Minutes
9 4.20MB 1281
thumb.php?src=e_MEDIA_IMAGE%2F2015-04%2Fdocument.png&w=100&h=0 DOCUMENTS
Official documents, Decisions...
3 19.52MB 498
thumb.php?src=e_MEDIA_IMAGE%2F2015-04%2Fdocument.png&w=100&h=0 REPORTS, PARTIAL RESULTS
  Monitoring of project progress
Inception Report, Mid-Term & Progress Reports
4 4.89MB 698
  Partial Results
Partial Results of the Project
11 123.59MB 3312
thumb.php?src=e_MEDIA_IMAGE%2F2015-04%2Fdocument.png&w=100&h=0 DELIVERABLES
  Project Deliverables
Project Deliverables
12 165.63MB 752
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