Petro v3
Petro v3

Senior researcher
Department: Department of Engineering Geology
Section: Division of Geology
Workplace: Regional Centre Košice
Phone: 055/6250043
Ľubomír Petro is an employee of the State Geological Institute of Dionýz Štúr (SGIDŠ), Regional Centre (RC) Košice since 1981. He has extensive experiences in engineering geology and management of research, as well as management of the regional centre.

Study at Mining Faculty (nowadays BERG Faculty) of Košice Technical University he finished in 1981 (Dipl. Eng.) and postgraduate study (PhD.) he completed at the Department of Engineering Geology of Faculty of Sciences at the Comenius University in Bratislava in 1992. Since 1981 he worked in Engineering Geology department of the Geological Institute of Dionýz Štúr, regional centre of Košice. As a researcher he was engaged especially in engineering geological mapping and slope deformations registration in the territory of Middle and Central Slovakia. Since 2009 as a senior researcher he participated on many national and international projects at the position of manager or collaborator. In the 1981–2006 period he was nominated into the position of Deputy Head of the RC of the SGIDŠ in Košice, at the end of 1995 as became its Head. Since 2010 he is the Head of the RC again.

As an engineering geologist he is engaged mainly in preparation of engineering geological maps and maps of geological factors of the environment of different scales, registration of slope deformations, creation of directives for engineering geological maps preparation, monitoring of geological factors of the environment and during last years also environmental loads. Besides many national projects he managed also a several international ones (e.g.  DANREG, KOŠICE – ABIOTIC and BIOTIC PART of the ENVIRONMENT – manager of partial project at the SGIDŠ; COST 625 Action; INTERREG IIIB – SISMA – project manager in Slovak Republic). He publishes his own results of research, as well as exploratory works in national and foreign journals (about 100 works) and presents them also in various symposiums, conferences, workshops all over the world, reviews contributions in scientific journals, projects, diploma and PhD. theses and assesses the environmental impacts (EIA) in national level.

Curriculum vitae

  • 1981: Mining Engineer (Dipl. Eng., excellent student) – field study 21-01-8 Mining of raw materials deposits, specialization Mining Geology at the Department of Geology and Mineralogy, Mining Faculty of Technical University in Košice. Diploma work: Evaluation of structural elements at selected cross-sections of the Včeláre limestone deposit.
  • 1992: Postgraduate study (PhD.) – field study 12-03-9 Geological Sciences – Engineering Geology at the Department of Engineering Geology, Faculty of Sciences at the Comenius University in Bratislava. Doctoral thesis: Engineering geological conditions of northern part of the Košická kotlina Depression development.
  • 1993: Professional competence for implementation of geological works – Geological Research, Engineering Geological Exploration, Exploration of Geological Factors of the Environment (License No. 469/1993 issued by the Ministry of the Environment of the Slovak Republic (MoE SR); valid up to 18. 10. 2021).
  • 1996-1997: Scientific Board member of the Geological Survey of the SR
  • 1997: Inclusion into the List of Expertly Competent Persons to Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) according to § 42 Law of the National Council of the Slovak Republic No. 127/1994 for the field: 2b – Geology and 2u – Mining (according to § 9 of the Regulation of the MoE of the Slovak Republic No. 52/1995), License No. 206/97-OPV (UNIKA Bratislava).
  • 2009: Scientific Qualification Degree IIa – Senior Scientist (Commission of the Slovak Academy of Sciences for Scientific Activity Assessment of Scientists, No. 761/2009)
  • 2010 – up to now: Head of the Regional Centre of the SGIDŠ in Košice, Scientific Board member of the SGIDŠ.

Current Projects and Cooperation

  • Prevention, exploration and monitoring of emergency landslides – Project of the MoE SR for 2018–2023 period (member of working team)
  • Monitoring of environmental loads at selected localities of the SR – Project of the MoE SR for 2020 period (member of working team)
  • Sustainability of projects of the Geology and Nature Resources Section of the MoE SR concerning the exploration and remediation of environmental loads solved in 2012–2015 period – Project of the MoE SR for 2020 period (member of working team)
  • Partial Monitoring System – Geological Factors, Subsystem 02 Tectonic and Seismic Activity (Manager of Subsystem, cooperation with Institute of Rock Structure and Mechanics, Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic and State Nature Protection of the SR – Slovak Cave Administration in Liptovský Mikuláš); Subsystem 01 Landslides and other slope failures (collaborator); Subsystem 06 Stability of Rock Massifs beneath Historical Objects (collaborator) – Project of the MoE SR (since 1993)

Scope of research

  • regional engineering geological mapping/preparation of maps (1:10000 – 1:100000)
  • monitoring of geofactors of environment and environmental loads
  • methodology of engineering geological maps preparation (guidelines of the MoE SR)
  • 3D monitoring of neotectonic/seismoactive faults in the Western Carpathians
  • registration of slope deformations (failures)


  • management of national and international projects, management of RC of SGIDŠ

 Membership in Professional Associations and Journal Editorial Boards

  1. International Association for Engineering Geology and the Environment (IAEG)
  2. Slovak Association of Engineering Geology (Committee Member 2001-2006, 2010-2014)
  3. Slovak Geological Magazine (2006-2008)
  4. Acta Montanistica Slovaca (2004-2005)
  5. Mineralia Slovaca (since 03/2001 – up to now)



  • Premium for Scientific and Professional Literature for 2008 (Literary Fund – Section of Scientific and Professional Literature and Software) in Category Dictionary and Encyclopaedic Literature for work: Engineering Geological and Geotechnical Terminological Dictionary (Ľ. Petro et al.).
  • Award of the Slovak Geological Society for the most important geological work in 2007–2008 period in Category V – Works from Applied Research for work: Engineering Geological and Geotechnical Terminological Dictionary (Ľ. Petro et al.).


Other Activities

  • tourism, traveling, gardening, numismatics, swimming



5 Most Important Works

Briestenský, M., Rowberry, M. D., Stemberk, J., Stefanov, P., Vozár, J., Šebela, S., Petro, Ľ., Bella, P., Gaal, Ľ., Ormukov, Ch., 2015: Evidence of a plate-wide tectonic pressure pulse provided by extensometric monitoring in the Balkan Mountains (Bulgaria). Geologica Carpathica, 66, 427-438.

Vojtko, R., Petro, Ľ., Benová, A., Bóna, J. & Hók, J., 2012: Neotectonic evolution of the northern Laborec drainage basin (northeastern part of Slovakia). Geomorphology, 138, 1, 276-294.

Petro, Ľ., Košťák, B., Stemberk, P. & Vlčko, J., 2011: Geodynamic reactions to recent tectonic events observed on selected sites monitored in Slovakia. Acta Geodynamica et Geomaterialia, 8, 4 (164), 453-467.

Vlčko, J., Greif, V., Gróf, V., Jezný, M., Petro, Ľ. & Brček, M., 2009: Rock displacement and thermal expansion at historic heritage sites in Slovakia. Environmental Geology, 58, 1727-1740.

Petro, Ľ., Vlčko, J., Ondrášik, R. & Polaščinová, E., 2004: Recent tectonics and slope failures in the Western Carpathians. Engineering Geology, 74, 1-2, 103-112.


Solved projects (5 the most important)

  • PARTIAL MONITORING SYSTEM – Geological factors, Subsystem 02 Tectonic and Seismic Activity (since 1993), Manager of Subsystem
  • CADSES INTERREG IIIB – SISMA (3B035) System Integrated for Security Management Activities to sa­feguard and protect historic centres from risks – Citizen as the first rescuer (7/2003-4/2007), Project Manager for SR (PP9), Member of Steering Committee
  • COST 625 Action – 3D monitoring of active tectonic structures, (9/2000 – 2/2006), (Member of Mana­ge­ment Committee for SR, Member of Working Group for Monitoring and Instrumentation, Project Manager for SR
  • International Danreg Programme, Subproject Map of Environmental Geohazards of Danube region 1:100000, Trilateral Project (Vienna-Bratislava-Bu­da­pest) (1993-2000), Manager of Subproject in Geological Survey of SR, Map Editor
  • Košice – abiotic and biotic part of the envi­ron­ment, subproject Set of engineering geological maps at a scale of  1:25000, Bilateral Project (Slovakia – Luxembourg) (1996-1999), Manager of Subproject in Geological Survey of SR, Editor of Maps