Presentations from the CO2NET EAST workshop in Zagreb (27 - 28 February 2007)

Session I - Introduction to CCS Concept

Scott Brockett (European Commission) - Impact assessment for enabling legal framework for carbon capture & storage
Tore Torp (Statoil) - ZEP European Technology Platform
Visnja Grgasovic (Croatian Ministry of Environmental Protection, Physical Planning and Construction) - View on climate change mitigation strategy in Croatia
Vit Hladik (Czech Geological Survey) - CO2NET EAST project
Paul Feron (TNO) - CO2 capture techniques
Bruno Saftic (University of Zagreb-RGNF) - Introduction to geological storage principles

Session II - Capture Technologies

Paul Feron (TNO) - CASTOR - Progress in post-combustion CO2 capture
Richard Beavis (BP) - CACHET - Development of pre-combustion capture technologies
Nils Rokke (SINTEF) - DYNAMIS - Paving the road for CCS plants in Europe
Halina Kruczek (Wroclaw University of technology) - Innovative in-situ CO2 capture technology for solid fuel gasification

Session III - Storage Options

Ludovit Kucharic (SGUDS) - CO2 storage opportunities in selected new EU Member States and Candidate Countries
Dragutin Domitrovic (INA Naftaplin) - Current status of CO2 injection projects in Croatia
Eva Seresne Hartai (University of Miskolc) - Coalbed methane and CO2 sequestration potential of the Mecsek Mts. coalfields
Tore Torp (Statoil) - 10 years experience from Sleipner CO2 storage
Niels Peter Christensen (GEUS) - International activities on CO2 storage
Georgi Georgiev (Sofia University) - CO2 emission density and geological storage opportunities in Bulgaria
Mustafa Versan Kok (Middle East Technical University Ankara) - Present status of Turkey in carbon capture and storage
Snezana Komatina-Petrovic (Geophysical Institute, NIS-Naftagas) - Geology of Serbia and potential localities for geological storage of CO2
Adam Wojcicki (PBG Warsaw) - Regional assessment of CBM potential in Polish Silesian Coal Basin
Saulius Sliaupa (Institute of Geology and Geography) - CO2 emissions and potential of geological sinks in Lithuania

Session IV - Public Acceptance and Other Issues

Hanspeter Rohner (Schlumberger) - Performance and risk approach to CO2 storage integrity
Chris Hendriks (Ecofys) - Decision Support System for underground CO2 storage
Gabriella von Goerne (Greenpeace) - Storing carbon dioxide underground - help for the climate?
Simon Shackley (University of Manchester) - ACCSEPT survey on CO2 capture and storage



Final discussion
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Fotografie z workshopu
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