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Map server

Map server of SGÚDŠ is a place where you can find the spatial information about geology. It is intended not only for specialists, but also for the general public. It has been made available to the public by April 1, 2008 in the scope of the project GeoIS - Geological Information System. The technical solution is based on ArcGIS Server technology of ESRI Company. The map server offers two ways how to approach spatial data. They're mapping applications and WMS services.

The map outputs and attached information are of informative character only with an accuracy of the scale indicated. They do not substitute detailed engineering geological or hydrogeological exploration.

The individual maps you can look over or print, using the functions that are described for each application in the Guide. The data can not be downloaded. Provided that you need the physical data, or you have new ideas relating to the operation, please write to the address: mapserver[at]

Applications are optimized for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.