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Geological surveys in the world
  • Asia and Pacific
    • AGSO: The Australian Geological Survey Organization
    • DMR: Department of Mineral Resources (Thailand)
    • GSI: Geological Survey of India
    • GSJ: The Geological Survey of Japan
    • IGNS: Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences Ltd (New Zealand)
    • KAJIBUMI: Geological Survey Department (Malaysia)
    • KIGAM: The Korea Institute of Geology, Mining and Materials
    • MRD: The Mineral Resources Department (Fiji)
    • Directorate General Geology and Mineral Resources: Volcanological Survey of Indonesia (VSI)
  • Europe
    • BGR: Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (Germany)
    • BGS: The British Geological Survey
    • BRGM: The BRGM France
    • CGU: The Czech Geological Survey
    • EGS: European Geological Surveys
    • GBA: The Geological Survey of Austria
    • GeoZS: The Geological Survey of (Slovenia)
    • GEUS: Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland
    • GSB: The Geological Survey of Belgium
    • GSE: The Geological Survey of (Estonia)
    • GSF: The Geological Survey of (Finland)
    • GSI: The Geological Survey of (Ireland)
    • GS-SR: The Geological Survey of Slovak Republic
    • IGM: Geological and Mining Institute of (Portugal)
    • IGME: institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration (Greece)
    • IGR: Geological Institute of (Romania)
    • LGT: Geological Survey of (Lithuania)
    • MAFI: Geological Institute of Hungary
    • NGU: The Geological Survey of Norway
    • NITG: National Institute of Applied Geoscience (National Geological Survey, Netherlands)
    • DGGGMS: Department of Geology, Geophysics, Geochemistry and Mining Sciences (Russia)
    • PIG: Polish Geological Institute
    • SGU: Geological Survey of (Sweden)
  • Africa and Middle East
    • CG-SA: Geological Survey of South Africa
    • EGSMA: Egyptian Geological Survey and Mining Authority
    • GSN: Geological Survey of Namibia
    • MTA: General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration (Turkey)


Institutions and organizations around the world
  • Asia and Pacific
    • CCOP: Coordinating Committee for Coastal and Offshore Geoscience Programmes in East and Southeast Asia
    • SOPAC: South Pacific Applied Geoscience Commission