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Geofond division

     Geofond Division is a modern archive for the sphere of geology.
The main activity of Geofond is derived from the Act No. 569/2007 of Coll. of Laws (Geological Act) and Regulation of MoE SR No. 51/2008 of Coll. of Laws. Some functions it performs in terms of the Act No. 44/1988 of Coll. of Laws on the Protection and Utilisation of Mineral Resources (Mining Act) and related amendments, supplements and regulations.


    The range of activities comprises the following tasks:
  • registration of exploration areas
  • keeping the register of geological exploration and keeping the registers of old mining works
  • keeping evidence on exclusive deposits, which after their prospecting termination are not exploited, and their protection
  • elaborates statements to investments from the viewpoint of mineral resources deposits protection, territorial stability and registered geological works
  • annual elaboration of Balance of Exclusive Deposits of the Slovak Republic
  • records, management and preservation of material documentation
  • in the scope of the State Information System building of a information system of Geofond
  • collection, storage, recording, processing and disclosure for customers in particular:
    • reports on the results of geological works
    • calculations of mineral deposits and groundwater supplies
    • Diploma, Doctoral, expert and similar works of geological orientation
    • reports of study stays and travels abroad with a geological focus
  • record keeping of educational-promotion films and videocassettes fixed in geology
  • control of materials received in terms of completeness and readability, and elimination of the deficiencies
  • processing and updating the documentation on the geological mapping, mineral deposit, hydrogeological, engineering, geophysical, geochemical and other exploration of the Slovak Republic territory
  • creation and operation of central geological database
  • processing of geological information on request


Documents for export:


RNDr. Milan Gargulák,CSc.
Head of the Geofond Division
Mlynská dolina 1
817 04 Bratislava
Tel: 00421/2/54 792 466, Fax: 00421/2/59 375 467


 List of prices for services in Geofond (pdf 79kB)


Metacatalogue (pdf 515kB)

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