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ERA NET Strategy Task Force Meeting of the EUROGEOSURVEYS at SGUDS in Bratislava

On 15 – 16 November 2012 SGUDS hosted the Task Force Meeting to the strategy of the European Research Area Network in frame of the EUROGEOSURVEYS (EGS) as a non profit association of 33 national geological surveys of Europe. Its purpose has been to promote the EU policies by the geosciences and to act as an EU advisor within the solving of the environmental and socio-economically driven geo-topics as well as to support the cooperation among the geological surveys.

EU solving the numerous questions linked with the geosciences needs an independent body capable to promptly react on actual ecological and raw materials topics. The EU development pointed out it is impossible when solving the problems and making professional attitudes to address the particular geological surveys as we are missing the time and core topic. There is a need to have a representative of the geosciences. Based on this the meeting had to set up the activities and competences of the future functioning of the EGS.

The meeting was chaired by Mr Marko Komac, EGS President (actual Slovenian Geological Survey Director and Vice-President of the International Geological Sciences Union) and 22 representatives of the 14 Geological Surveys of Europe took part on this event discussing the actual issues which have been determined within the geosciences up to the year 2020 referring to the general EU strategy. The task force laid down how and when will be the surveys involved engaged to the preparatory works.

At the beginning of the meeting Mr. Branislav Zec, the Director of State Geological Institute of Dionyz Stur (SGUDS) presented the overall engagement of the Slovak geological survey and then there was a space for short presentation displaying its crucial research activities which can contribute to solve the problems, the EGS has to tackle.

The presentations were linked with the geological survey and mapping (L.Hrasko and A. Nagy), critical mineral raw materials (P.Baco), hydrogeology, geothermal energy and geochemistry (P. Malik), geohazards (P.Liscak) and informatics (S. Kacer).

The participants highly appreciated the friendly working environment and organization of this event. Many of the SGUDS staff professionals and technicians were involved before and during this meeting. They all deserve our gratitude for representing our institution at international level.

It is an honour for us that the new phase of the EGS has commenced at the SGUDS.

List of persons on photo:

1 Ľudovít Kucharič, SGUDS Slovak Republic, Department of Foreign Relations, Spokesperson
2 Woody Hunter, External Relations Officer EUROGEOSURVEYS
3 Marko Komac, President of EUROGEOSURVEYS, Director of Slovenian Geological Survey, Vice- President of International Union of Geological Sciences
4 Patrice Christman, BRGM France, Director of Raw Material Strategy
5 Jens Stockmarr, GEUS Denmark, National Delegate EUROGEOSURVEYS
6 Marek Graniczny, PGI-NRI Poland, National Delegate EUROGEOSURVEYS, Head of Foreign Relations Department
7 Vicky Hards, BGS Great Britain, National Delegate EUROGEOSURVEYS
8 Jarmo Kohonen, GTK Finland, Director for Informatics
9. Josip Halamič, HGI-CGS, Croatia, Director and National Delegate EUROGEOSURVEYS
10 Paul Boggard, TNO, The Netherlands, National Delegate EUROGEOSURVEYS
11 Catherine Truffert, BRGM, France, Director for Research
12 Antje Wittenberg, BGR, Germany, Expert for Raw Materials
13 Jan Host NGU, Norway, National Delegate EUROGEOSURVEYS
14 Branislav Žec, SGUDS, Slovak Republic, Director
15 Johny Fredericia, GEUS, Denmark, Director
16 Tirza van Daalen, TNO, The Netherlands, Deputy Director
17 Peter Seifert, GBA, Austria, Director
18 Birgit Kuhns BGR, Nemecko, National Delegate EUROGEOSURVEYS
19 Pierre Nehlig, BRGM, France, National Delegate EUROGEOSURVEYS
20 Alena Klukanová, SGUDS, Slovak Republic, Deputy Director, National Delegate EUROGEOSURVEYS
21 Boris Malyuk, UKrSGRI, Ukraine, National Delegate EUROGEOSURVEYS
22 Eleftheria Poyijadji IGME, Greece, Member of EUROGEOSURVEYS Expert Group for Geohazards
23 Luca Demicheli, General Secretary of EUROGEOSURVEYS, Belgium
24 Dušan Wunder, SGUDS, Slovak Republic, Head of Foreign Relations Department