State Geological Institute of Dionýz Štúr performs the tasks of the State Geological Survey of the Slovak Republic.

     The SGIDŠ activity is focused in the solutions of the geological research and exploration projects, creation and application of the information system in geology, registration, collection, evidence and making accessible the results of geological works carried out at the territory of the Slovak Republic. SGIDŠ provides independent expertise, lecturing, consulting and advisory activity and compiles the input documents for the state administration. The State Geological Institute of Dionýz Štúr is a state contributory organization supervised by the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic.
     The Institute was established in 1940. The SGIDS headquarters are in Bratislava with regional centres in Spišská Nová Ves, Banská Bystrica and Košice.
The State Geological Institute of Dionýz Štúr is a member of the international organization of geological surveys EuroGeoSurveys and GeoHealth.

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